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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results
- Albert Einstein

Business owners hire me to guide their operations through change. I find holes in the heart of the organization that prevents growth, creates frustration, decreases profitability and/or negatively affects the future of the business.


I provide clarity and direction at the operations level, that will move your organization forward.

If you are, or know of, a business owner that is somewhere close to $1 Million  to $5 Million in current revenue, contact me.


I do not put shackles on your energy.

Every company has process to get things done,  Even if they are not written down,.... you have them.

I guide your organization to overcome current obstacles, prevent future issues and implement tools that will meet or exceed your business goals, My approach is a mix of "the 5 why's", "8 wastes of Lean" and the ISO 9001 methodologies, my background spans, distribution, B2B service delivery, franchise retail and call center operation.

By focusing on the process and procedures, you will have consistency in results, able to have consistent growth, more profits by reducing costs and/or increasing production.


Every great sports player, has someone they turn to, to help them get to the next level, help them be better, more efficient, more focused, tell them what their workout should be, what they need to practice on, how their hand, foot, or body needs to be positioned to get the most out of the punch, swing, kick or throw.

What you have built can be better, more streamlined, generate more wealth or increase cash-flow,.

 you know this.

You and your people can stop shooting themselves in the foot over and over and over again.

You can have repeatable positive results and almost instant feedback when things are going wrong.


Herb Kelleher looked at NASCAR to improve Southwest Airlines,

Fred Smith used the model of a banking Clearing House to develop FedEx.

I use my experience as senior leadership in Call Center,  Retail,  Franchise,  B2B Service Delivery,  and Distribution to create and implement solutions for your organization.

Processes, touch every functional area, Information Technology and Systems, Data management,  

Data mining,  Human Resources,  Customer Service,  Finance,  Security,  Risk,  Purchasing    

Front Line Operations,  Support/Back Office operations,  Sales,  Marketing, Accounting,

What People Say

For social hacking/Phishing reasons I withhold company details and names

upon request in our face to face meeting I will provide details of the individuals


Policy, Procedure and Process

Analysis, Alignment and

Change Management


Get Ready to Take Action


Now is the time to get everyone Flying in the same direction

Machine Sketch
Karate Practice


J.C. of a software development company

Without a doubt, your help has moved our company forward in ways that I  could have not done on my own.

R.G.  of a fire and safety company

you taught me a lot that I know and use daily, that I appreciate more than you know

C.W.  of a B2B service/install company

Steve, without your support, I could not have grown my company to the size that it is now, thanks


Send me an email, tell me what are your frustrations at this moment.

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