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About me

I was born to see efficiency, 

When I was a kid and my chore was to mow the lawn, I figured out the best three alternating patterns, that minimized walking over a previously mowed area and prevented ruts.

My first office job was that of accounts payable clerk at NAPA auto parts distribution center, payment terms were 2%-10, net-30, It killed me that I needed touch the same piece of paper, the vendor's invoice, as many as 6 (six) times.  By using a stand alone personal computer I fixed the process, so that you only needed to touch the invoice once, which saved 10 person hours and ensured NAPA could take their 2% discount.  I was promoted to Inventory Control Manager.

The sister organization to the local Blockbuster Video franchise was a video tape Distribution Company, I took their offer to join their organization and created processes which made the labeling and packing a store set (5,000-6,000 tapes) so efficient, the recipient of the tapes could take them out of the box and place them on the shelf without needing to categorize and then sort, this saved the end customer easily  120 person-hours, at the critical pre-opening date.

I transferred to the local Blockbuster Video franchise, where among other value adds, like growing from 7 stores to 21 stores, I grew the video game category from concept to a $2mil/year revenue stream.

As partner/founder we grew a B2B service repair company form $800k/yr to $6mil/yr in four years,  held multiple roles, integrated small re-manufacturing company into operations, co-designee ERP system and implemented.  Using a handheld HP Journada 720, had my technicians closing out service tickets long before smart phones.  The Processes I developed within each department of the organization and documented and implemented survived years after I left the organization,

I Spent 14 years with a multi-national call center, with them, I held many roles IT manager,  Director of Client services, Project Manager,  Operations manager.  Ran the project to implement a time clock globally, two of the three countries had never used a time clock.  ISO 9001, ISO27001 process owner and quality manager, created tool that saved front line operations hundreds of hours a year, implemented processes that eliminated human error associated with twelve different trust accounts, etc..

And now I want to help as many business with that part of the organization that is The Most Important part, for growth, for Profitability, for delivering consistently to their clients.   Operations!


I am here to help business have the right processes and systems so their Operations is efficient, highly profitable and delivering to the customer based on the founder's vision.

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