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I don't sell software, nor accounting services,

I don't give you pages and pages and pages of findings, that you, nor your mangers will ever read.

I might not tell you what you want to hear,

You are paying me to be honest, not to say "yes".

My client's want or need:

to implement change

reduce expenses
increase value
save time
create consistency
position company for growth
more value at exit strategy










The starting point is with Senior Leadership, so I understand the vision, direction,  desired culture, structure,  and  what makes the company great.  Then we dive into the  frustrations, problems, issues, risks, threats and weaknesses.

We agree upon what needs the most attention, set up ground rules and access is granted for me to seek out solutions.

From there, I go to the people actually doing the work sometimes called the front line staff, then I go to the people that support them directly support staff, HR, Accounting and then the final internal staff I meet with are the managers. and depending upon the need your key customers.  I call this the human side of business.

While I am working with the human side of business I Look at the business processes, which can lead to seeing the flow, inter-department communication, new hire process, customer retention, financial  health, employee morale,  perceived structure, etc...

The output of this is solid identification of the root cause, with clear recommendations.

We then work together to create an  action plan to implement changes that will endure.

Process, Procedure and Policy creation, implementation and/or improvement is one of the outputs that will, help your business grow, weather hard times, be more efficient and add value to your staff and customers.

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