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Production line Lost 24 person hours in one 8 hour day.

Production line originally design one person printing labels, one person matching label to product, then six staff to complete the remainder of the steps to get the product processed, boxed and palatalized.

As I observed the processed, I saw where the six staff were able to take extended breaks which calculated to approx 4 hours per person, times the six is 24 hours of time paid that did not move product.

There was an obvious bottleneck somewhere that caused the issue, or perhaps there was significant over staffing on that part of the production line, furthermore the first two employees in the process felt overworked because they could not take extended breaks.

By looking at the deadline constraint, the technology constraint, individual skill set and wages, I designed and implemented a process that allowed the 6 people to be productive the entire day, ensured on-time deliver of the product, improved morale and then became normal operations going forward

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